Brookfield first selectman's Twitter account suspended following criticism of Biden administration

Twitter suspended the account of the Brookfield first selectman after she tweeted on a thread criticizing the handling of the Chinese spy balloon by the Biden administration.

News 12 Staff

Feb 21, 2023, 11:23 AM

Updated 459 days ago


A Connecticut first selectman was suspended from Twitter following comments she made about President Joe Biden's administration's response to the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon.
Twitter suspended the account of Brookfield First Selectman Tara Carr after she tweeted "Ready, aim, fire," in response to what she thought the Biden administration should have done when the Chinese spy balloon was first spotted over the U.S.
Twitter suspended Carr's account following complaints of her critical post about President Biden.
The tweet was condemned by Democrats and gun control activist Po Murray who called the Tweet a threat to President Biden.
Carr posted a statement on Facebook saying in part, "Unfortunately, some on the fringe of the political spectrum...took these comments out of context and made ridiculous and false assertions that somehow, I was promoting violence against our nation's President. This is a complete lie."

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