3 female high school athletes attempt to block transgender athletes from girls sports

Three female high school track athletes filed a federal lawsuit in an attempt to block transgender students from competing in high school sports.
The girls say it’s not fair to make female athletes compete against males. They say these "biological boys" have been beating them in track events.
The girls spoke at a state Capitol news conference Wednesday in Hartford. Danbury High School sophomore Alanna Smith says all girls deserve to compete on a level playing field.
The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference in 2013 adopted a policy to allow transgender athletes to compete in high school athletics. The CIAC says that it believes that its current policy is appropriate under both state and federal law.
The CIAC said it would respond to the lawsuit after it has a chance to review it.
Sophie Gourgiotis, with the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk, told News 12 that she was upset to hear about a lawsuit.
“Biological differences don't matter in regards to sports,” she said. “There's always inherent different abilities when it comes to playing sports regardless of your gender identity.”
Connecticut is one of 17 states that allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions.