Connecticut gubernatorial candidates tackle the issues in Stamford without Stefanowski

The candidates for governor came together in Stamford on Tuesday to discuss the issues as election day draws near, but one candidate was missing.

Mark Sudol

Oct 18, 2022, 4:14 PM

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The candidates for governor are traveling the state campaigning for last-minute votes. They were in Stamford Tuesday where News 12 Connecticut's Mark Sudol moderated a forum hosted by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce.
When the event started, the crowd was told Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski would not be there.
The Stefanowski camp told News 12 Connecticut he was scheduled to be there but had to back out at the last minute because of a scheduling conflict. They said they were willing to have candidate for lieutenant governor Laura Devlin go in his place, but the Stamford Chamber of Commerce said it preferred to have the main candidates.
Instead, Gov. Ned Lamont and Independent candidate for governor Rob Hotaling tackled some of the key issues of the race, including crime and abortion. The polls show inflation has become the No. 1 issue.
"We've got to be really careful going forward, and I think the state is pretty well-positioned if we have this recession," said Lamont.
"I think affordable housing is a key issue for a lot of voters in Connecticut," said Hotaling.
The governor told voters he's been the right man for Connecticut.
"I feel good about the fact that I think people are feeling better about the state of Connecticut.  You know, we went through a flat time for the last 30 years - no new job creations, chronic fiscal crisis. I think people believe, and I think they're right that we're getting our fiscal house in order," said Lamont.
Right now, it's a close race between Lamont and Stefanowski. Hotaling is hoping to win over some of the undecided voters.
"Forty-one percent of the electorate in Connecticut are unaffiliated for a reason.  They're not aligned to the Democrats not aligned to the Republicans for a reason.  I believe that reason is they want choice and I'm the choice candidate and I really believe that the Connecticut voters also want better ideas, and that's what choice delivers for you," said Hotaling.

The three candidates have had one debate so far. Their final debate is Nov. 1 at Mohegan Sun.

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