Connecticut House passes bill expanding abortion access; moves to state Senate

The state House of Representatives has approved a bill expanding abortion access and protections from out-of-state legal action. The vote passed 87-60.
The bill, which will now head to the state Senate, will let more medical professionals perform abortions, including physician assistants and some nurses.
It also shields providers in Connecticut from out-of-state legal actions.
States like Texas and Florida allow people to sue abortion providers and even criminally charge them.
"It essentially prevents our courts or our state agencies from assisting these other states in their prosecutions, investigations, or civil litigation," said state Rep. Matt Blumenthal.
The issue split the parties, with seven Republicans voting yes and 14 Democrats voting no. Most of the Republicans who voted yes were women concerned about maintaining abortion access and protecting patients and providers from out-of-state lawsuits. Most of the Democrats who voted no were Black or Latinx, including Bridgeport Rep. Chris Rosario and New Haven Rep. Robyn Porter. Many were concerned about more abortion providers disproportionately popping up in minority neighborhoods.
Gov. Ned Lamont says he will sign it once it is passed over to him.