Connecticut leaders react to resignation of Gov. Cuomo

News 12 spoke with Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal for their reactions to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.
Blumenthal said it is time for Cuomo to go.
"Gov. Cuomo's failures and shortcomings are his own doing, and they're personal to him,” he said. "The news cycle will be dominated by Cuomo, perhaps, but I think that the real attention should go to the nation's needs and challenges."
Murphy told News 12, “We're plowing ahead with some history-making work here in Washington. This is a day in which this country's committing itself to the biggest ever investment -- creating jobs through investment and infrastructure. That, in the end, is what's going to matter.”
On Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Ned Lamont spoke to incoming Gov. Kathy Hochul and pledged to "maintain a close working relationship."
Connecticut Democrats say they are hoping the Cuomo scandal doesn't become a political liability in Connecticut.
"Things have changed greatly in the last four or five years with Trump. And you've seen politicians and parties able to deflect," said Dr. Chris Haynes, with University of New Haven.
Just months after taking office, Gov. Lamont invited Gov. Cuomo to Hartford, rebuilding a long-strained relationship between Connecticut and New York.
The two even became fishing buddies and later, coordinated a successful response to COVID-19.
After the New York attorney general's report came out, Lamont initially declined to comment. Hours later, he did call for Cuomo’s resignation in a joint statement with three other governors.
"Leaders -- especially leaders in public office -- have got to lead by example," he said on Aug. 4.
On Tuesday, Gov. Lamont’s office released a statement saying, “We don't have anything else to add beyond Gov. Lamont's statement from last week calling on Gov. Cuomo to resign."