Connecticut marks 1 year of selling legal marijuana

Wednesday marked one year since recreational marijuana started being sold in Connecticut.
The Department of Consumer Protection says combined sales for adult-use marijuana has only gone up since sales began in January 2023.
From January 10, 2023 to December 31, 2023, there has been a combined sales total of $274 million for both medical and recreational marijuana.
While the amount of medical marijuana products sold fluctuated month by month, adult-use products increased.
In December 2023, medical marijuana purchased patients nearly 300,000 products and adult-use consumers brought about 455,000 products.
"As more producers come online and more manufacturers come online there will be more variety," says Bryan Cafrerelli, Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection.
As more products have become available, the average price has decreased to $34.94.
"About 900 product types have been approved to enter the market based on brand," says Cafrerelli.
Fine Fettle in Stamford was one of the first dispensaries to open a year ago. The business was among seven other dispensaries selling adult-use cannabis across the state at the time.
Since then, a multitude of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Connecticut.
The rules are the same for all dispensaries, according to authorities. Customers must place orders online and pick up the products in store. People must be 21 or older and cannbis must be properly stored and kept away from children and pets.
Affinity Dispensary is the first to open in Bridgeport. It began business just last week and is one of four to plant roots in the city.
The DCP says as more dispensaries set up shop, its proud of the work its has carried out so far.
"They know what they are buying. Is that every product is purchased, is complying with our regulations and has been tested so you know what's in it. That there are no harmful pesticides or heavy metals, and you know the amount of THC you're getting," says Cafrerelli.