Connecticut police departments take part in Jarah-Mathews-Dixon Memorial Tournament

Several Connecticut police departments took part Saturday in the third annual Jarah Mathews-Dixon Memorial Tournament.
The basketball tournament featured the Bridgeport Police Department, Hartford Police Department, Stamford Police Department and other municipal partners.
"As officers, we have to take care of each other, take care of his family, and never let his memory die," says Sgt. Marlon Campo, of Bridgeport Police.
Mathews-Dixon was only 40 years old when he died back in 2020 after having heart complications. He was a decorated officer – his wife Sarah told News 12 he served on anti-crime units at times. He left behind Sarah and three young boys.
"He loved his boys more than anything under the sun and I know he's still watching and protecting them," she said.
All proceeds from the benefit went to the family of Mathews-Dixon and The Center for Family Justice, Inc.
Photo courtesy of the Bridgeport Police Department.