Connecticut Post Mall rolls out curfew, parental escort policy after massive brawl

Increased security and new safety regulations are expected at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford after a massive fight forced it to close early Thursday.

Police were called to the mall around 5 p.m. after initial reports of multiple fights involving more than 100 people. They say there was also some vandalism done to the mall.

Orange, Milford, Stratford, West Haven and state police were on the scene, along with K-9 dogs.

The Connecticut Post Mall is now implementing a curfew and escort policy. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

There are signs regarding the policies posted at every entranceway, in addition to guards walking around the mall checking for people who may be underage.

There are also checkpoints at the bus station.

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Any minor who is not accompanied by an adult and refuses to leave can be arrested for trespassing.

Ten private police officers have been assigned to the mall.

“Our officers are well-trained to be able to spot tensions as they rise,” says Milford Patrol Officer Michael DeVito. “We'll be there to supplant them all."

Buildings with an exterior entrance, such as the movie theater, remain open to the general public.

The parental escort policy will be re-evaluated on Monday.

News 12 is told that the policy is fluid. Heightened security is expected to continue through the weekend, but it's unclear which other regulations may continue into 2020.