Connecticut Post Mall rolls out parental escort policy after massive brawl

The Connecticut Post Mall in Milford is back open Friday after a massive fight forced it to close early yesterday, but it says it's rolling out changes to its policies for the next several days.
Police were called to the mall around 5 p.m. Thursday after initial reports of multiple fights involving more than 100 people.
Orange, Milford, Stratford, West Haven and state police were on the scene. K-9 dogs were also there
Police say the fight started in the mall's food court and involved numerous people. They say there was also some vandalism done to the mall.
"It was just so many people, I've never seen people run so fast a day in my life before, it was so crazy," says Monae Moye, of New Haven.
After the brawl, some stores were able to remain open.
Police say most of the participants were teenagers who were unsupervised.
"There's kids, you know, it gets a little bit out of control," says Milford Police Officer Mike Devito. "I tend to think that if you put this many kids unsupervised in an area--the result to me is not surprising."
An altercation broke out in the same mall exactly one year ago, also closing the mall for the remainder of that day.
Mall officials say shoppers under 18 years old must now be accompanied by an adult after 1 p.m. For now, they say the policy will only be in effect this weekend.
There is no word on whether the new restrictions apply to the mall's anchor stores and movie theater.
Milford police say they have extra officers patrolling the mall and are prepared to make arrests if necessary.