Connecticut residents vacationing in Florida scramble to return home as Ian hits

Connecticut residents on vacation in Florida were eager to make it back home Wednesday before the worst of the Hurricane Ian hit.
Many flights out of Orlando International Airport were canceled Wednesday as the airport shut down due to worsening conditions.
News 12 spoke with some people at Tweed New Haven Airport who got out just in time.
Florida resident Cheryl Vance says she is confident her house is in good hands.
"It's been through a lot of storms. It's well-built. We just got new roof, new windows -- we're good," she said.
It was a stressful morning for Connecticut natives who now live in the Sunshine State.
"It's surreal, seeing all of my windows boarded up, waking up this morning and it's just pitch black," said Alyssa Romano.
Romano moved to Fort Myers from Connecticut after high school. Ian will be the first hurricane she will go through as a homeowner.
"It's definitely scary. I mean, I'm staying here just really because I couldn't be away from my house and not know what's going on," she said.
Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida Wednesday as a catastrophic Category 4 storm.