Connecticut's Barker Museum houses 80,000 toys spanning 150 years

A unique museum with 80,000 toys is certain to thrill children and adults of all ages.
Spanning 150 years, a visit to Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum in Cheshire, Connecticut, is sure to be nostalgic.
The museum is home to 80,000 toys and collectibles gathered by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Barker.
The couple was married in the 1950s and had such a passion for collecting toys that it led to the opening of their museum.
The museum has items dating from 1873 all the way to 2009.
The museum claims to be the biggest toy collection in New England.
Some toys featured in the collection are old Disney items, Barbies from the 1950s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars toys from the 1970s and the '80s.
Their most expensive toy is a Popeye heavy hitter toy that is worth around $14,000.
 Curators say if you come across a tin toy it's already rare because there's not a lot of them left. The two oldest toys in the collection were made in 1873 by a company named William Ives. 
The items are called ramp walkers -so when you put them on an incline, they will just walk down using gravity.
The museum is currently open by appointment only.  For more information, click here.