Controversial flight plan gets red light in CT

New Canaan residents are raising their voices in opposition to the new air traffic route over their homes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced they are changing flight patterns in an effort to minimize delays in an already congested northeast region. FAA is planning to combine airspace over the New York and Philadelphia metro areas. In doing so, the proposal includes rerouting air traffic over parts of southwestern Connecticut. The move has infuriated thousands of southwestern Connecticut residents, including New Canaan residents who already complain about low flying aircrafts. Town leaders in fear the complaints will get even worse, if the FAA 200,000 additional planes in the air. Town leaders in New Canaan have formed a committee. They are writing letters and encouraging neighbors to attend public hearings. The FAA says the new system will save an estimated 12 million minutes in flight delays at all four regional airports. It plans to hold a public hearing in April.