Controversy surrounds pre-mature candidacies in Bridgeport mayoral race

Although the mayoral primaries are still several months away, the predicted race in Bridgeport is proving controversial as candidates begin to come forward.Probate Judge Paul Ganim, the brother of former mayor Joe Ganim, who is currently serving time in prison for federal corruption, says he is considering running for the position. State Representative Chris Caruso (D-Bridgeport), who is also considering candidacy, says it?s a political ploy. Political analyst Don Greenberg of Fairfield University agrees, saying that having Ganim?s name on the September primary ticket is only a way to take votes away from Caruso and ensure another John Fabrizi (D-Bridgeport) victory.Both Mayor Fabrizi and Ganim, 43, deny any political ploy. Caruso has not yet confirmed his decision to run, though it is likely he will. Ganim says he will make his decision this spring.