CT communities may sue state over bonding money

Several communities are threatening to sue the state over millions of dollars for school construction projects that are tied up in a political battle in Hartford.
The state committed millions of dollars to school construction already under way across Connecticut. The money has not been allocated because the legislature, controlled by Democrats, cannot reach a compromise on a full state bonding bill with Gov. Jodi Rell (R-CT).
Construction on the schools, including four in Bridgeport that are set to open in 2008, is not stopping. However, Mayor John Fabrizi (D-Bridgeport) says the city doesn?t have the money to pay for the construction on its own and can?t pay some of its bills while the money is in dispute.
Fabrizi says the city may have to borrow millions of dollars, which will cost taxpayers. He says the city will enter a civil suit if Bridgeport residents are stuck paying the bill.
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