CT Dept. of Health issues 1st fines to travelers who didn't follow COVID-19 restrictions

The state Department of Health has issued its first fines against people who didn't follow COVID-19 travel restrictions.
Officials say 20,000 travelers filled out the forms, but beyond that, there has not been specific enforcement of the travel restrictions that have been extended to dozens of states.
Gov. Ned Lamont announced Monday that health officials issued the fines to people who did not follow rules, including filling out a travel advisory form and self-quarantining, after traveling from states with high COVID-19 cases.
"We wanted to send a message loud and clear," he said. "We have two folks who flew back to Connecticut, one from Louisiana and one from Florida. Neither filled out the form."
One of those individuals was fined an extra $1,000 for not quarantining. Both of the cases happened several weeks ago, and witnesses reported the individuals to authorities.
"Overwhelmingly, people are doing the right thing. For those who don't, please be on notice," the governor added.
While the fined travelers arrived by air, the concern remains along I-95.
"I look at certain license plates," says Anthony Santiago, of West Haven. "You see Texas, you see hot states, but you don't know how long they've been around."