CT police add unmarked cars to catch speeders

The Connecticut State Police unveiled new unmarked cars they will put on the roads to catch speeding drivers.
State police have added 11 Dodge Chargers that are undetectable as law enforcement vehicles. The cars, which are equipped with 350 horsepower, were shown off for the first time Thursday at State Police Headquarters in Meriden.
Officials say they hope the publicity surrounding the new cars will encourage drivers to slow down, especially during Memorial Day weekend.
Lt. Col. Cheryl Malloy said last year over the same time period the Connecticut State Police issued more than 1,300 speeding tickets and nearly 1,400 seatbelt violations. She also said they investigated 327 car accidents, including five fatalities.
Troopers are telling drivers not to expect to get out of a ticket if they are pulled over by a Charger. They say they do not give warnings.