CT woman gives birth on Route 25

A local woman was forced to deliver her baby on Route 25 in Trumbull on Thursday.
The woman's due date wasn't until next week, but the baby made an early appearance. 
The mother, who has two other children, says labor came on so fast it felt like knives were stabbing her stomach. Her husband raced to get her to Bridgeport Hospital, but they didn't make it there in time. 
The couple had their doctor on speaker phone and luckily she was also on Route 25 headed to the hospital to meet them.
When Dr. Ronika Choudhury heard the mother screaming she told them to pull over and she'd be right there.
"She was in the passenger seat, so when I opened the door I delivered the baby from outside," Dr. Choudhury said.
Fortunately the baby was delivered without any complications but Dr. Choudhury says it is risky having a baby away from adequate equipment and staffing.
Meela Joy Eedel and her mother are now doing fine at Bridgeport Hospital.
The mother says she is grateful that she and her baby are safe.