Cuomo accuser responds to AG's report, Gov. Cuomo's response

Charlotte Bennett, one of the women who publicly accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of harassment, is responding to the attorney general's report and Cuomo's response in which he named her directly.
Bennett, from Katonah, New York, is Cuomo's former executive assistant and one of his first accusers.
The report from Attorney General Letitia James lays out detailed accounts from 11 women claiming Cuomo sexually harassed them.
It includes assistants, a state trooper assigned to protect the governor, other state employees and women outside the workplace.
The report outlined repeated instances of unwanted groping, kissing and inappropriate comments.
Bennett says the governor asked her about her sex and dating life, telling her he was lonely and wanted to be touched, and probed her about her previous experience with sexual assault.
"Ms. Bennett texted to a friend on the day many of these comments were made that she was upset, confused and that she was shaking," says independent investigator Anne Clark.
Cuomo apologized directly to Bennett but said she misinterpreted their conversation.
"I've heard Charlotte and her lawyer, and I understand what they are saying, but they read into comments that I made and draw inferences that I never meant," said Cuomo.
Bennett responded in a tweet, "I do not want an apology — I want accountability and an end to victim-blaming."
Bennett's attorney added, "The governor must resign immediately, along with his senior staff who protected and enabled him in violation of NY State law."
In another tweet, Bennett sent a one-word message to the governor that said "resign."