Customers say goodbye to Unity Pharmacy

Two local pharmacies are closing their doors, and the owner says it's not the number of customers, or even the pandemic, that is the problem.
Monday was the final day of sales for Unity Pharmacy in Fairfield and customers were almost in tears as they stopped by to say farewell.
Owner Naga Mulpuri says changes in insurance reimbursements have made the business less profitable and saw no way to keep going.
"To let go of something that is so personal, it is sad," Mulpuri said. "I am coming to terms with it because you have to be practical too."
"It's nice to be able to come in and someone knows your names and what you are about," said Sue DeThomas, of Fairfield.
The Bridgeport location will close Tuesday.
"I wish that she could get another pharmacy, start over," said Lois Caron, of Bridgeport, a loyal customer and cancer patient. "It would be a pretty world, but that is not the way things work."
Mulpuri opened the business eight years ago.
"Me and my husband worked for a long time, we invested our own savings," she said.
But the business lost more money over time.
"Say your meds cost me $10. Sometimes [the insurance] will pay me $8, 'Take it or leave it.'"
Mulpuri says if independent pharmacies want to survive, there needs to be a change in insurance reimbursements.