CVS Health's senior medical director recommends getting flu shot as well as COVID-19 booster

Health officials announced that COVID-19 booster shots are planned to be rolled out next month, but that's not the only vaccine doctors are recommending.
Dr. Kirsten Anderson, the senior medical director of CVS Health, says last year's flu outbreaks had record low numbers because most people were wearing masks.
Now that many are socializing again and people aren't wearing their masks as regularly - she says health officials suspect a much greater flu season.
Flu season peaks in November, so Anderson recommends getting the flu shot by the end of October at the latest - but it's not too early to get vaccinated against the flu. CVS Health is accepting walk-ins for the vaccine.
Anderson also says you can get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Your arm might be a little sore, but she says you'll be protected and that it would be convenient to do them together.