Danbury SWAT situation ends with 1 person in custody, no one hurt

A SWAT situation in Danbury ended peacefully Wednesday afternoon with one person in custody and no one hurt.
It happened at an apartment complex at 55 Wildman St. Police blocked off the stretch between Austin and Triangle streets for about four hours and called in additional resources from Bethel, Brookfield and Newtown.
The massive response cleared out after Erikson Bueno, 25, surrendered to police just before 2 p.m. Bueno is charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm and breach of peace.
It all began before 10 a.m. after a 911 call about a man shooting from his window at Colonial Gardens.
“Officers responded. They evaluated the situation and immediately called for the SWAT team,” said Detective Capt. Mark Williams of the Danbury Police Department. “One of the people in the neighborhood actually had video of a man shooting from the window and standing in the window with a handgun.”
Williams said investigators identified that person as Bueno and learned he was still inside the unit. He told News 12 SWAT set up a perimeter and evacuated people from the building before making contact with Bueno. A woman who was with him came out first and provided police with information, according to Williams.
“It took minutes for him to surrender once he realized the police were outside asking him to come out of the apartment,” Williams explained.
He said Bueno never had a hostage, and the lengthy process was due to ensuring everyone's safety.
“There was no immediate threat at the time that would cause us to rush into that apartment. Yes, we had information there were shots out that window. But we had no idea or no information that anyone was injured, so protocol would be to act prudently by clearing the other units, then making contact. It just takes time,” Williams said.
Police are still investigating and haven't determined if Bueno was shooting at someone or something.
“We believe intoxication may have had a factor in this, but we don't know for certain,” Williams told News 12. “At this point, there's been no injuries other than the neighborhood being disrupted. Everything went smoothly.”
Williams said additional charges could be coming once police investigate the gun, a 9 mm pistol.