Darien food pantry says rise in food costs may disrupt turkey donations this year

With the national supply chain crisis, will food pantries be able to accommodate the growing number of families in need this Thanksgiving?
Darien-based Person-to-Person says its turkey supply hasn't been impacted for its annual Thanksgiving distribution, but the supply of its other food items has.
With the rise in food costs, Person-to-Person says it may receive fewer donations from the public.
That means it will have to pay extra to ensure all of its clients have a proper Thanksgiving meal.
"This is our business and we're committed to doing it. So we're going to make sure people have what they need," said Nancy Coughlin, CEO of Person-to-Person.
Person-to-Person says donations typically make up less than half of the meals it distributes year-round, so it will need to do more fundraising.