Darien Old Timers Athletic Association holds its annual awards dinner

More than 200 people came out for the Darien Old Timers Athletic Association annual awards dinner, which honors athletes and town civic leaders.
The dinner was held at the Waters Edge at Giovanni's in Darien.
The Old Timers Athletic Association has awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships for over 60 years.
President of the Darien Old Timers Athletic Association Ed Schildnecht says the event was all about showcasing the Darien community.
“I think events like this that highlight people who grew up in town, people who are still here and the good things they have done and remembering them are all worthwhile things to do a bonus that we manage to raise money that we can give away in scholarships and to town social services makes it even better,” said Schildnecht.
Lisa Lindley was one of the people honored on Monday night. She coaches the nationally ranked Darien High School girls lacrosse team.
“One of the things we really stress to our players each and every year is, you’re not only playing for your high school, but you’re playing for your community,” said Lindley.
Dave Roper was another honoree Monday night. Roper was a star runner for the Darien High track and field team in the 1960s.
“I grew up thinking I wanted to be a race car driver. Going up to Lime Rock park watching the races,” said Roper
Roper is also a renowned motorcycle racer. Roper started in 1972 and is the first American to win a race at the Isle of Man, one of the world's most dangerous motorsport races.
“I’ve raced every year since then, and haven’t missed a year. Probably haven’t gone more than five months without racing,” said Roper.
Funds raised at the awards dinner go toward annual scholarships for Darien High School seniors and supporting social services in Darien.