Darien pharmacy offers at-home COVID-19 tests aplenty amid high holiday demand

With the demand for COVID-19 tests being high ahead of Christmas gatherings, a pharmacy in Darien has at-home COVID-19 tests -- and not in short supply.
Griebs Pharmacy is allowing people to come and stock up on at-home COVID-19 tests with a maximum of 12 boxes or 12 tests per person.
After seeing a high demand in its community for testing before the holidays, the pharmacy stocked up and was able to get shipments from a company on the West Coast.
The pharmacy says when it got its first shipment on Monday, people lined up down the street and waited to get their hands on one. However, slowly over the past few days, the high demand dropped off slightly, so the pharmacy increased the limit per person.
People who walked out of the pharmacy Friday with their at-home tests in hand said they were relieved, while others are ecstatic they can test before Christmas and see their families after searching for days for a test.