Data: Recruiting more officers led to less crime in Bridgeport

Data obtained by News 12 shows that recruiting more officers has led to less crime but more arrests in Bridgeport.
The latest group of officers graduated at the end of September and are still working along seasoned officers.
Crime statistics show that in one area, motor vehicle stops increased by 174% in a 60-day period since the recruits started.
This includes speeding, reckless driving and not stopping at stop signs.
Narcotics and DUI arrests have also significantly increased.
"You're sitting in a classroom for six months you have all that pent up energy. You are learning all these new law enforcement things, you're excited to get out there on the road, on the streets. And then when you get out, you're ready to go," says Chief Roderick Porter.
The data comes as the need for recruits remains a challenge for many departments, including Bridgeport.
Porters says those interested can apply at police headquarters.
Salary starts at $70,000.