Daughter travels from Jamaica to Bridgeport to donate kidney to father

A disabled Air Force veteran from Bridgeport says he is thankful for everyone who made it possible to get his daughter to Connecticut for a crucial surgery.
News 12 first reported about 59-year-old Martin Goodrich one year ago when he was trying to get his daughter from Jamaica so she could give him one of her kidneys.
Goodrich has a rare blood type, O Positive, and the only match Martin’s doctors could find was his daughter Nicole.
Working alone, the family faced one hurdle after another trying to get her to Connecticut and for a time, it seemed all hope was lost.
This was when the family turned to News 12 Connecticut nine months ago. The story then caught the attention of Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
After months of patient diplomacy, Nicole was finally able to travel to Bridgeport.
Blumenthal came to the family’s house Saturday to meet Goodrich’s daughter in person.
“This diplomatic journey had a successful conclusion,” he says. “It took a lot of work, perseverance, courage and strength.”
Martin Goodrich thanked News 12 Connecticut, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and the Houston V.A. Hospital for helping to get his daughter to the city.
"I feel blessed that my daughter is going to be able to give me the gift of life,” Goodrich says.
The transplant surgery will take place soon at Yale New Haven Hospital. Goodrich says his daughter must do bloodwork and other tests before setting a date.