Dermatology expert shares benefits of a dry January

Dry January is a month people dedicate to detoxing and abstaining from alcohol.
According to associate professor of dermatology at Yale University, Dr. Christopher Bunick, there are many benefits Dry January can bring for the skin. 
"Decreasing the inflammation of the skin and having better hydration," said Bunick.
He says alcohol can result in flushing of the face as well as dehydration.
"Alcohol functions as a diuretic; it makes you pee more, and this can lead to dry skin, decreased elasticity in the skin, and dried lips," said Bunick.
Alcohol can also lead to liver issues and a decreased immune system - in turn affecting the skin.
"The discoloration of the skin. You may see yellowing or jaundice depending on the degree of liver disease or pancreatic disease and an itch,” Bunick said. “A lot of people don't realize that alcohol over time can cause itchiness of the skin through its effects on the liver."
He says those with a history of rosacea or psoriasis should especially consider taking a break from alcohol.
"It can dampen your immune system in your skin, this could lead to skin infections, bacteria and fungus," added Bunick. 
Dr. Bunick says even a month is a step in the right direction.