Disabled Bridgeport couple receives wheelchair van through nonprofit

A Bridgeport man who had a traumatic brain injury and his wife who survived a stroke are receiving a wheelchair van through the efforts of a nonprofit.
Luis Serrano, 56, had a traumatic brain injury from a fall he took while working in 2011.
His wife Sarah is his primary caregiver, but she had a brain bleed and stroke last year.
Amy's Angels, a nonprofit News 12 Connecticut has worked closely with for years, has helped people recovering from illness or accident with everything from living expenses to wheelchair vans and had a big surprise for the couple.
The nonprofit presented the couple with a wheelchair van Friday, helping Luis and Sara Serrano regain a measure of independence they have been living without for more than a decade.
Family friend Kathy Edwards first contacted Amy's Angels to help get the couple the van.
"I am so thrilled for Sarah and Luis because it will change their life tremendously," she said.
Amy's Angels has spent over $2 million on Connecticut families and individuals since it was founded eight years ago.