District-wide mailing addresses nude Web photos

There are new questions Thursday about disturbing sexual behavior among students in the Westport School District. What started with a letter written to parents of students at Coleytown Middle School has led to a district-wide mailing about child pornography. Last week, the Coleytown Middle School principal warned parents about an incident involving nude photos or videos of seventh-graders that were posted on the Internet. Now, Superintendent Elliot Landon has sent out a second letter about "unfortunate incidents" involving not just middle school students, but high school students as well. Landon writes a number of students "using electronic equipment have transmitted to others live images and photographs of themselves in total nudity and engaging in inappropriate acts while in the nude." Westport police are investigating one incident, which was reported on Monday, but they wouldn't say how many students were involved. Former federal prosecutor Elliot Warren says the situation falls under both federal and state child pornography statutes, which are broadly written. ?In terms of the people who reproduced the photos, it could be a serious situation. My understanding is they are juveniles as well so this matter would be handled under our juvenile justice system,? says Warren. School district officials have declined to comment on the situation. Principal: 7th-graders behind circulation of child porn