Dog that suffered abuse and had her leg amputated is given new home by Torrington couple

A dog that was a victim of an animal cruelty case in Woodbridge has a new life thanks to a Torrington couple.
Merritt, the 1-year-old Mastiff, was taken in by Woodbridge Animal Control last summer after she was hit by two cars on the Merritt Parkway. She ended up needing to get her leg amputated.
An exam revealed that she also suffered severe abuse, likely as a bait dog for dog fighting.
Chelsea Berg, of Torrington, first saw Merritt and her story in July through social media.
“I was just scrolling on Facebook one day, and I saw the post of her,” says Berg. “Her ears were all cut up and she just had this sad, sad look in her eyes, and I just knew that I needed to have her, quick.”
Berg and her boyfriend, Craig Bothroyd, applied to adopt Merritt.
However, they weren’t the only ones. Hundreds of people reached out about Merritt.
“I kept calling and calling and checking when she'd be ready for a meet and greet,” says Berg. “And then as soon as I met her, she was cautious but she very quickly warmed up to me and I think they just saw our connection.”
The couple says their connection has only grown since Merritt arrived at her new home about six months ago.
“Merritt is very fun-loving, very energetic,” says Bothroyd. “She doesn't know she's missing a leg by any means whatsoever.”
Berg says Merritt is now thriving with a new life that looks nothing like her past.
“Physically, she's still got scars and she's always going to have those scars but mentally I think she's coming a long way and healing and she's just really adjusted to her new life,” says Berg.
Merritt’s story impacted a lot of people in the community. When Woodbridge Animal Control first posted about her, community members donated thousands of dollars to pay for her vet bills.