East Hampton, Connecticut home to last bell factory in US

East Hampton, Connecticut is a town rich in history, and it's home to the only bell factory in the U.S. which has earned it the nickname 'Belltown.'
Located in Middlesex County, East Hampton is home to the Bevin Bell factory, which produces the Salvation Army bells, and cowbells that are used at sporting events.
The town center has a variety of gift stores, a bakery, coffee shop and pizzeria.
The bakery produces hundreds of loaves of bread every morning, which the locals say go fast.
Author and historian Marty Podskoch says the town's historical society features a huge collection of toys that were made during the 1920s,1930s, and 1940s.
Some of the toys have bells on them which were made in town.
Podskoch says there's even a bike shop inside of an old bank.
He says biking has become popular, and people use the Air Line Trail in town to ride their bikes.
"In the olden days when you wanted to go from New York City to Boston, you would have to follow the coast up these long winding trails, so someone came up with an idea to make a railroad that just goes straight as a bird flies," Podskoch says.
He says when the loads of the train became heavier and heavier, the bridge couldn't take it, so town officials filled it all in with gravel and sand and dirt, but under the dirt and sand is a wrought iron bridge built in 1873.