East Haven fire officials and doctors warn people of the dangers of leaving pets and children in hot cars

Officials said last year, 163 animals suffered heat-related deaths and another 855 were rescued from the heat inside cars across the country.

Nicole Alarcon Soares

Jun 24, 2024, 8:53 PM

Updated 27 days ago


Doctors and fire officials reiterated the dangers of leaving children and pets in hot cars on Monday.
They were at the East Haven Fire Department Headquarters with Riggs, a dog rescued from a hot car.
Riggs was rescued by East Haven firefighters at the town beach lot after being left inside a hot car where temperatures were reaching 120 degrees.
Officials reported 163 animals died from heat, and 855 were rescued from hot cars in 2023.
“Cars can overheat in minutes to well above 100 degrees, which can be deadly. In fact, cars become death traps,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
Blumenthal requested the NHTSA to finalize a rule mandating all new vehicles to alert drivers to check the rear seat after turning off the engine.

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