East Hills teen creates program that provides new clothing for charities to donate

What started out as a Long Island teen just cleaning out her closet, has turned into a program that provides charities with new clothing to donate to thousands of people.
Mia Sara, from East Hills, started the MIA Exchange. 
“It stands for Mission Improvement Apparel Exchange, and it connects charities to overstock and charities in need,” she tells News 12. 
Before the pandemic hit, Mia says she cleaned out her closet and gave away half of her clothes.
She says it made her think about how people would feel about getting new clothes with tags from a charity.
“I asked my mom, 'Do you think anyone gives away new clothing,' and she’s like 'I never heard of that before because normally you just give away all your old stuff,'” recalls Mia about the conversation she had with her mother.
“I said, 'We should do that it would probably be so nice, someone going to a charity and getting something with a tag on it knowing that it’s theirs."'
Once the pandemic hit, places were only accepting new items. It gave her the opportunity to do this.
She contacted companies like Kelly Trading, Mango Apparel and others about making bulk donations. Mia says with their help, they’ve donated over 10,000 pounds of apparel and footwear.