Easton EMS faces new charges, including voyeurism

<p>An Easton EMS who was accused of stockpiling weapons and impersonating law enforcement now faces new charges, including voyeurism.</p>

News 12 Staff

Mar 22, 2018, 11:57 AM

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A former Easton EMS who was accused of stockpiling weapons and impersonating law enforcement last year now faces new charges, including voyeurism.
Christopher Barlow, 21, was initially arrested in Massachusetts in June. Easton police say Barlow was arrested again Wednesday, in part for allegedly taking inappropriate photos of patients while they were in the ambulance under his care. He is also suspected of placing a hidden camera inside a bathroom at the EMS building.
Barlow is also charged with stealing two firearms from a co-worker, providing a false statement on a firearm application and forging documents to present himself as an Easton police officer. He was part of a college live-in program at Easton EMS while he was a student at Sacred Heart University last year. The program allowed students with an EMT license to live at the EMS building and take shifts.
Police say they began investigating Barlow after he had gone back to Massachusetts last summer and EMS staff discovered a suspicious powder left behind in a locked cabinet. They contacted officers in his hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts, who found illegal weapons, materials to make explosives, fake law enforcement badges and hard drives during a search of his room.
Easton police say it took a while to go through the evidence, but it led to the new charges in Connecticut.
Barlow had been held without bond in Massachusetts since June until last month. During that time, Easton police went through the evidence, including the hard drives, which led to charges in Connecticut.  He was processed at Easton police headquarters Wednesday and posted bond.
Barlow is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges next month.
Easton's EMS chief released a statement saying the agency is extremely disappointed in his actions. but stressed that they do not reflect the integrity of Easton EMS or the current membership. She went on to say they have taken a closer look at the application process and updated policies, including stricter background checks to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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