Easton school houses 4 acres of sunflowers in solidarity with Ukraine

Ever since Russia's initial invasion of Ukraine almost six months ago, sunflowers have become a global symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. In Easton, Samuel Staples Elementary is home to 4 acres of freshly grown sunflowers, and farmers say visitors can cut as many as they'd like.
Farmers say it took over three months for 300 pounds of seeds to turn into the thousands of sunflowers seen at Samuel Staples Elementary.
Irv Silverman, owner of Silverman's Farm, says he wanted to show solidarity and support, with a 4-acre field full of Ukraine's national flower. Wednesday marks six months to the day since the initial Russian invasion of Ukraine.
"Just a symbol of unity that the American people, and many people all over the world, feel for the poor Ukrainian people," said Silverman.
Visitors say it's hard to walk the field without thinking of those who have lost homes, friends and families overseas.
With school back in session Wednesday, Silverman hopes the flowers provoke education and discussion.
"I'm sure they'll use them in the schools, in the classrooms, and maybe the teachers will explain to them what's going on in this world of ours," said Silverman.
Visitors are welcome to come by and cut as many blooms as they want. Silverman says it's the first time he's planted sunflowers on the farm, but it won't be the last.