Elevator incident at senior complex prompts 'call to action' safety meeting

An elevator incident caught on camera at a downtown Bridgeport senior apartment complex has prompted a “call to action” safety meeting.

News 12 Staff

Nov 20, 2021, 5:54 PM

Updated 970 days ago


Seniors at a Bridgeport housing complex say one of their neighbors is lucky to be alive after getting trapped in a broken elevator.
Rebecca Gaulin of Bridgeport says she's not afraid to speak up after going through a six-month period that she describes as "horrific" in Stratfield Apartments on Main Street, where the elevators are chronically broken.
State Sen. Dennis Bradley says, "It's something which breaks my heart to know that people don't have the security and safety to use something as simple as an elevator."
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says the broken elevators likely put the complex in violation of its contract with the federal government.
"I'm going to work to correct these defects with the owners. They owe it to the seniors, they owe it to the authorities who provide Section 8," said Sen. Blumenthal.
News 12 reached out to management at the apartments, but received no response.

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