Eversource warns customers of higher winter bills due to energy demand, gas prices

Eversource is warning customers of a higher than usual winter bill as energy demand increases gas and electricity prices.
The Connecticut utility company sent a message to customers Wednesday saying global demand for natural gas and electricity prices for the upcoming winter heating season are on the rise.
"After hitting 10-year lows during the COVID-19 pandemic, the price of natural gas has risen significantly – impacting customers nationwide and across the globe. The driving factors include an increase in global demand during the ongoing economic recovery and a significant drop in U.S. gas supply due to a number of issues including the pandemic and extreme weather in gas-producing states," Eversource wrote in a press release.
The company says in November, the average Eversource natural gas residential heating customer could see a 14%, or $30, increase on their total bill as compared to their average monthly winter heating bill in 2020.
They say the increasing cost of natural gas will also impact the cost of electricity.
The cost of electricity changes twice a year in Connecticut for Eversource customers.
Eversource will file this week the new cost of electricity rates applicable to customer bills beginning Jan. 1, 2022. Eversource and other utilities do not earn a profit on the cost of electricity in Connecticut and charge customers only what the company pays generators for electricity.
"The cost of electricity will likely rise beginning on January 1," Eversource says.
Eversource is urging their customers to prepare for the higher winter bills by taking advantage of programs like Connecticut’s UniteCT and Eversource’s energy efficiency solutions and payment plan options.