Ex-Norwalk official charged with murder posts bond, placed under house arrest

A former Norwalk city official charged in the deadly shooting of her tenant is now under house arrest after 32 weeks in custody.

Marissa Alter

Sep 2, 2022, 10:03 PM

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A former Norwalk city official charged in the deadly shooting of her tenant is now under house arrest after 32 weeks in custody. Ellen Wink posted 10% of her $2.5 million bond in cash Friday afternoon following a judge’s ruling Wednesday. Wink’s attorney said she recently got the funds for her release after selling property in Norwalk.
Wink walked out of the courthouse with a GPS ankle monitor and strict conditions. She can't leave the house except for legal appointments, medical issues and religious services.
“She’s been in jail for seven months so obviously it's a great relief for her,” said Wink’s attorney Stephan Seeger. “I think the decision which precipitated her release was a fair one. And we have to take steps now to start preparing for trial.”
Wink was arrested Jan. 20 and charged with murdering her tenant Kurt Lametta that day. The two had a history of problems after Lametta allegedly stopped paying rent in September 2020 and Wink wanted him out of the house on Nelson Avenue. The police report states Wink called 911 after the shooting and said she fired five times after Lametta "came at her."
But the deadly encounter was captured on video. It turned out Lametta was recording on his phone at the time. Search warrants detailed that footage—a confrontation that began after Wink allegedly let herself in to clean out the fridge because she was putting the house up for sale.
"Lametta asked Wink how she thinks she has the right to come into his house without any notice," according to one search warrant.
It went on to state, "Just as Wink turns around and appears to walk away from Lametta, two gunshots are heard, and Wink is heard saying, 'You Bastard' as she proceeds to walk toward Lametta through the kitchen while firing a handgun at Lametta."
The state is adamant the graphic video dispels any self-defense claim. Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Manning argued Wink is a danger to the public and protested her release.
“We've argued countless number of times Miss Wink is not a danger to the community,” Seeger told News 12 after Wink headed home. “She has a reputation in the community for doing great things including putting flowers on top of the gravestones of fallen servicemen, so I don't think she poses a risk to the community.”
During a hearing in July, Seeger tried to get Wink’s bond reduced but was denied. He argued his client feared for her life and said he’d recently obtained an audio clip from another tenant that proves that. Seegar told the court the recording shows Lametta's temper and propensity for violence, along with threats directed at Wink.
A search warrant in the case noted police were called four times over the previous five months because of disputes between them. One instance led to Wink’s arrest in September 2021 after police said she changed the locks on the house and threw out Lametta’s belongings at the dump. That case remains pending but is sealed.
Wink was the Republican deputy registrar for Norwalk at the time of her arrest. She was fired after being charged with murder.

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