EXCLUSIVE: 'No heat emergency' at Success Village impacts dozens of residents in Bridgeport and Stratford

Officials say a "no heat emergency" at Success Village, located in Bridgeport and Stratford, forced at least eight families to hotels on Friday night. Two building officials received arrest warrants as a result.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says he's directed the City Health Department to declare a "no heat" emergency and city officials distributed space heaters to residents.
Success Village Co-President Ty Bird says he and the other co-president have both received arrest warrants from the Town of Stratford, in which part of the community is located, for allegedly violating a state public health and well-being statute, a misdemeanor, by not having the old boilers that serve the community in good working order.
"The temperature in my apartment is probably around 30 degrees," Lonnie Gorham, a Success Village resident said. "And we're paying taxes, and we're paying mortgages and we're paying common charges. That should not happen."
Councilwoman Jazmarie Melendez says something needs to be done.
"There needs to be an accountability measure as to what's happening in Success Village," she said.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he's looking into the possibility of getting emergency federal dollars to help residents whose electric bills have skyrocketed because of space heaters during this outage.