Exclusive: Ridgefield woman, with help of Rep. Himes, brings Ukrainian family safely to Connecticut

A Ridgefield family spoke exclusively with News 12 after they were able to get their family out of Ukraine and bring them to Connecticut with the help from a local congressman.
Julia Voytovich and her family reached out to Rep. Jim Himes' Office after her sister Taisia and her 2-year-old daughter Emiliia fled Ukraine and were stuck in Romania, held up by a visa process.
The family is finally together after a long and stressful few weeks, after Himes' office requested for their applications be flagged and given the utmost attention.
Voytovich, her husband, and 8-year-old son were able to welcome them into their Ridgefield home for temporary refuge. Their mother also made it in a separate process.
Voytovich says the support from the community and state has been tremendous.
Voytovich says her husband was able to get his mother out of Ukraine and he is in the United States on a green card.