EXCLUSIVE: Stamford Police enforcing pedestrian safety initiative

In an exclusive report, Stamford Police tell News 12 Connecticut they have a new plan in place when it comes to pedestrian safety.
They say crossing their city streets has become a dangerous task.
"Since '21 to ‘23, we've had seven pedestrian fatal accidents and nine serious accidents," said Stamford Police Chief Tim Shaw.
Two of those fatalities happened on Washington Boulevard just over a year ago when police say Michael Talbot was driving too fast.
Police say he hit and killed Yuliana Arias Lozano and Giovani Vega Benis when they were crossing the street.
"We're starting a pedestrian safety initiative here in the city of Stamford," said Shaw.
Police say the initiative all starts with flyers they will be handing out called "Walk This Way."
"We're going to look at drivers that don't yield to pedestrians properly. We’ll do pedestrian education like cross the street the right way, wait for walk signals, use crosswalks, be as visible as you can," said Stamford Police Sgt. Jeffrey Booth.
Stamford police say they want to increase driver and pedestrian safety in the city and also want to provide reflective gear for people who are trying to cross the street.
"We're also going to work with the public safety director's office and we're trying to get some arm bands, reflective arm bands that we're going to give to some of the community," said Shaw.
Police say this campaign begins in the next couple of weeks, and also includes increasing patrols and education for both pedestrians drivers.
The Stamford Police safety initiative will be in addition to the mayor's Vision Zero task force on pedestrian safety.