Expert offers advice for how to save on gas

As gas prices start to come down a bit in Connecticut, there are still ways you can save money when it comes to fueling your car, Ted Rossman, of says.
Rossman recommends one way to save on gasoline is to fill up at warehouse clubs like Costco and BJs.
"They often do seem to come in 10, 15, 20 cents below other stations," Rossman says.
He says membership perks are worth it. In addition to potentially saving money per gallon, Rossman says consumers can get cash back too.
He says consumers who use the Costco Anywhere Visa care get 4% cash back for filling up at any gas station.
If you aren't a club member, Rossman says there are other ways to save at local gas stations.
Credit cards like Discover are currently offering 5% cash back on gas.
Citi Custom Cash Card also offers cash back at 5%.
Filling up a car tank once a week with the average cost of $60 while using a card that has 5% cash back could earn consumers $156 a year.
Rossman says using gas station rewards cards and signing up for gas station apps could also get customers 5-10 cents off a gallon.