Experts warn parents of dangerous baby formula alternatives popping up online

Experts are warning parents to be aware of some dangerous alternatives popping up online that aim to help combat the ongoing baby formula shortage.
Dr. Nicole Avena, a nutrition expert and neuroscientist, says to beware of social media posts that offer recipes for making baby formula.
"We don't want to be making our own baby formula," says Avena.
Avena explains that there some dangers involved.
"Well contamination is certainly an important one that you would have to be concerned about," says Avena. "Also, I think the nutrient deficiency is also something that we can see happening. If you take a lot of the different baby formulas on the market, if you look at the back, you will see all the different nutrients that they contain. And it is not possible to formulate that on your own at home."
Avena says it's also not a good idea to start a baby on milk without speaking to your pediatrician first. Avena adds that it is OK to use another brand of formula if you are having trouble finding the one you always use. She also recommends stocking up on the brand you like when you see it.
"Now is really the time to talk to your pediatrician, talk to your obstetrician because they get access to samples from, you know, different formula companies that send those out," says Avena.