Facebook group helps some LI mothers find baby formulas amid shortage

Social media has helped some Long Island moms find baby formula amid the nationwide shortage.
Andria Ferenzo, of Port Washington, is a first-time mother with a 7-month-old baby.
"This has become such a big deal right now, and there are so many babies that don't have food right now," Ferenzo says.
She was able to find another mother in Ronkonkoma on a Facebook page called "Moms helping mom, formula shortage donations" and was able to swap baby formula with her.
"I literally only had one small package left, so when I saw that, I jumped on it and drove all the way out to Ronkonkoma," Ferenzo says.
The Facebook group is full of mothers posting the formula they are in desperate need of and others who don't have infants but are willing to pick up formula if they see it on store shelves.
"Any amount of formula right now, we can't exactly waste because who knows when the shelves are going to get stocked up again," Ferenzo says.
Ferenzo says she also tried ordering baby formula on the Enfamil website and Amazon, but everything is either unavailable or limited as to how much you can buy.