Fairfield business owners frustrated by 'unruly' students after school hours

Business owners in downtown Fairfield say groups of middle and high school students are being disruptive and causing damage to their buildings after school hours.
A business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told News 12 some of the recent issues include teens urinating in hallways and destroying bathrooms in the lower level of a business strip.
Police say minors have also caused other damage, including knocking over potted plants in a parking garage.
"The majority of our youth are practicing responsible citizenship. But unfortunately, there are groups that are engaging in behavior ranging from loitering and trespassing to breach of peace, vandalism, shoplifting, and we even had a minor assault," says Lt. Edward Weihe of the Fairfield Police Department.
The town is stepping in to try and curb the behavior. Police, schools and businesses are working together. The plan calls for schools to educate students on what it means to be responsible patrons and the consequences they could face if they break the law.
Police also encourage businesses to increase surveillance, post occupancy limitations and to call them if they see violations.
"Our youth services bureau views all the arrests that come in. And they make the determination of what goes to juvenile court and what's better handled by the juvenile review board," said Weihe.