Fairfield church implements COVID-19 safe worship plans for Christmas Mass services

A church in Fairfield has implemented new strategies for worshiping safely amid the spike in COVID-19 cases during the Christmas holiday.
First Church Congregational says it's been livestreaming all of its services on Facebook for over a year now.
In-person worshipers are required to be vaccinated, mask up and observe social distancing.
For Christmas Eve, pastors sent a letter to congregants asking them to consider staying home and joining in the Mass services online.
"We're encouraging people to stay home and experience the worship service from home if they have any concerns, if they're uncomfortable, if they're waiting for a COVID test, if they feel like they're at risk in any way. We're reminding them that the first Christians worshiped in homes, and their home is a perfectly wonderful place to worship God. They do not need to come into the building," said First Church Congregational Pastor Vanessa Rose.
After strict social distancing guidelines and even reservation systems last year, other churches are moving forward with plans to be fully open for Christmas services.
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