Fairfield church recovering from a fire comes together to celebrate Christmas

As churches across Connecticut prepare to welcome worshipers to Christmas services, one Fairfield parish is especially thankful to have to chance to be together, even if it's not in its actual church building.
Fire crews knocked down a small blaze inside Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Fairfield early last month.
The fire destroyed a small statue of the Virgin Mary and damaged the walls to the left of the main altar.
Construction crews are still cleaning and working on repairs in the 75-year-old structure that still smells of smoke.
Father Peter Cipriani says ever since this setback, his parish and the entire community have offered prayers and so much more.
"No sooner were people aware I was getting phone calls from other churches, 'Listen if you need to have a funeral here, wedding, baptism, please the church is yours.' So, boy, a very extensive community outreach," said Cipriani.
Cipriani says ever since the fire, services have been held inside the parish hall, which has been completely decorated for Christmas, making sure an important tradition is not lost.
Our Lady of the Assumption says it may be a couple of months before services are held again in the church. But there will be eight Christmas Masses in the parish hall.