Fairfield County Shops online marketplace offers way to buy local this holiday season

A new business aims to give Fairfield County's small businesses an online marketplace to sell their wares.
Champagne Taste in Wilton is one of 30 local businesses you can now shop online from at FairfieldCountyShops.com
"People really do want to shop local, but there's something about being able to shop online that's just much more convenient sometimes," said Greg Gatto, co-founder of Fairfield County Shops.
The founders of Fairfield County Shops say mom and pop storefronts are an endangered species unless they can tap into online retail.
"Giving them an advantage of having that Amazon level experience while still keeping it local is, I think, essential to the future of local business," said Gatto.
At FairfieldCountyShops.com, you can shop dozens of local boutiques and check out with just one cart and one transaction.
There's no cost to join for local stores. Fairfield County Shops keeps 5% of each transaction.
Participating shops say they've already seen a boost to their business from online sales.
The owner of Champagne Taste in Wilton says if you do shop local, it might not be too late to get those last-minute presents by Christmas.
"I also do local delivery...So yeah, maybe not too late," said Champagne Taste owner Andrea McLaughlin.
Founders say their vision is to make Fairfield County Shops local consumers' first stop when they're shopping online.