Gerber leads Kupchick by 42 votes for Fairfield first selectman; Recount coming

The results are finally in after a tight race for first selectman in Fairfield.
Democratic challenger Bill Gerber has 42 more votes than incumbent Brenda Kupchick, but Kupchick tells News 12 Connecticut this race isn't over yet.
Gerber says he is grateful for the support.
"To the people that voted for me thank you.  For the people that didn't vote for me I'm definitely going to work hard to earn their support," says Gerber.
Kupchick says the registrars were meeting at noon Wednesday for the very latest on this vote.  She also says she was up until 5 a.m.
Kupchick gave News 12 Connecticut this statement: "We are waiting for the final count from the head moderator to submit to the Secretary of the State as there are some discrepancies. We believe every vote should be verified and counted."
The 42-vote margin in favor of Gerber is slim enough to require a recount by the state.
"Whether there's going to be lawyers there or not, there probably will be I would imagine - making sure that no side is trying to take advantage of the other side, and I would hope it's going to be resolved in a few days," said Gerber. 
Gerber believes an issue that may have made this race so close was what he calls the town's delayed response to a United Illuminating project that could erect monopoles that are more than 100 feet tall through town. "From what I understand, I'm 42 votes up so it would be unusual for that to get reversed in a municipal election," says Gerber.
Officials say voter turnout in Fairfield was high for a municipal election at 42.5%.