Fairfield PD: Ring of scammers hit banks with skimming devices

<p>Fairfield police say a ring of scammers have hit several banks in the area with credit card skimming devices.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Jun 22, 2017, 11:55 PM

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Fairfield PD: Ring of scammers hit banks with skimming devices
The Federal Trade Commission says 26 million Americans fell victim to identity fraud last year, including some in western Connecticut, where police say the problem is growing.
One of the theft methods comes by “skimming,” which occurs when devices slide over existing card readers, allowing scammers to obtain information and use it, according to police.
A skimmer was used at a People’s Bank in Fairfield earlier this month, and could have stolen information, but police say that the device was removed before any information was compromised.
That bank was just one of several that a ring of scammers have hit, according to authorities.
“They can either open up credit cards, they can open up gas bills, cellphone bills, they can also defraud you of money right from your debit card or credit card,” says Fairfield Police Lt. James Perez.
Perez says once they have your information, all they need is to get your PIN at the ATM.
Perez adds that these scammers can put a pinhole camera near where the keypad is inside a bank to video tape customers inputting their PIN.
The suspects related to the fraud at the Fairfield People’s Bank are still being searched for by police.

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